Thinking about the fast-approaching and unstoppable onset of the summertime of this year will surely bring excitement to those who love the season of seas, sands, breeze, and salty air. People are probably starting to plan the where and the when of their summer vacation.

However, not all of the people are going to go out and have fun under the shining sun and the salty breeze. Some people may just be stuck inside the comforts of their abode since constraints on various factors such as work schedule, money constraints, and time constraints may just be having adverse effects towards their most anticipated summer getaway. Lucky for those who can travel but to those who cannot, worry any more since you have your Air conditioners readily available in your home.

However, since your AC was used so many times for a long time already to keep the balance of your home during the cold season. You may have noticed that your air conditioner is not blowing or producing as cold air unlike before. This reduction in performance of your air conditioner may be a sign of dust accumulated in the filter of your air conditioner. This problem does not cause any alarm to the part of the air conditioner owners since they can clean these filters by themselves at the comforts of their own home. There is no need to hire a really expensive air cleaning service provider since cleaning the air filter of your air conditioner is very much doable by you or any other member in your household. Listed below are the ways for billy aircon that guarantees no sweat air conditioner air filter cleaning for a homebody like you.

Refer to the manual 

Almost all appliances have manuals to ensure that product is used the way it is intended. More likely than not, self-service maintenance guidelines and procedures may be written on or is available on the manual. With this said, in cleaning your air filter, always refer to the instructions written from this helpful tool.

Slowly open the air conditioner

Before doing this tip, ensure that the air conditioner is completely detached from an electric source so that at the duration of cleaning, electrocution will be avoided.

Remove its filters slowly

 Upon removing the filters, do a brief examination on your air conditioners filters since it has not been cleaned for a period of time. Examine the overall condition of the air filters whether there are other wear and tear damages on it.

Vacuum the dust

After examining the current condition of your air conditioner’s air filter and discovering that there are no other damages on it, you can now get your vacuum and start vacuuming the accumulated dust on the filters.

Sanitize it and soak it

After dusting comes sanitizing and soaking to ensure that the tiny filters are completely dust-free and dirt-free.

Drain it and dry it

From the previous soaking, allow the mixture to be drained form our filters since doing otherwise would damage the air filters.

Return the filters to the unit

After all the previous steps, it is now ready to be placed back in the air conditioner so you can enjoy cold air despite the harsh summer.

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